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Wright Realty Investments is a professional, real estate investment firm that buys and sells properties throughout Chicago Land area. We specialize in buying distressed homes, then renovate and resell them to retail homebuyers and landlords. 


Founded in 2018 by Kevin Wright, Wright Realty Investments is excited to be part of the community and aspire to continue contributing to the economic rejuvenation of Chicago Land and its neighborhoods. In addition, we plan to re-develop a large number of single family and multi-family properties throughout the greater Chicago area with the intention of revitalizing communities and encouraging home ownership. Our mission is to rejuvenate neighborhoods and increase the standard of living by improving the overall quality of housing for the residents. 


At Wright Realty Investments, it’s our goal to not only have a positive effect on ourselves and our families - but also to inspire, motivate and create lasting change in everyone we encounter. We will treat our clients and team members with respect at all times. One of our mottos is “Take the time to do it right the first time.” Our company will dedicate itself to ethical business practices and personal values to build lasting relationships.

About Kevin

I grew up in the Bronx New York and watched my parents struggle. We lived in a small 2 bedroom apartment with my father, step-mother, brother, and sister during the week. Then with my mother, step-father, brothers, and other sisters in a basement apartment on the weekends. Needless to say, it was tough but we made it work. Homeownership was never something my parents ever thought would happen for them. Houses were in bad shape in our neighborhood or way too expensive. I think I can make a difference in those types of neighborhoods and that's why I started Wright Realty Investments. 

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